For David Beckham Tattoos Signify Different Meanings. Take A Look at His Tattoos!

David Beckham is one of the sexiest men in the world, and with his tattoos, his sex appeal goes through the roof. In one of his interviews, he detailed forty of his tattoos and their significance in his life. For David Beckham, tattoos are not just body accessories; they tell a story of his life that he wants to be remembered forever.

The Pretty Lady and Harper tattoos are a tribute to his only daughter, Harper Seven. It’s pretty easy to see why he added the Pretty Lady with a small heart above Harper.

One of David Beckham’s tattoos is this one of Jesus on his right side was dedicated to his grandfather Joe West, who died in 2009. It takes up a good portion of his torso’s right side.

On his right hand is his wife’s name, and below it is the phrase Dream Big, Be Unrealistic. The latter tattoo was from one of Jay-Z’s concerts where he uttered the phrase.

This Sanskrit tattoo at the center of his left arm translates to Victoria, another tribute to his beloved wife.

This Brigitte Bardot-inspired portrait of a lady is another of his wife Victoria. She has the most number of tattoos dedicated to her.

His back is where his sons’ names are tattooed – Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn. The guardian angel was his second skin art, with his eldest son Brooklyn’s name as the first.

He recently got this ‘99’ tattoo. It signifies the year 1999, when he married the love of his life, Victoria Adams or Posh Spice.

The winged cross tattoo on the nape of his neck was added in 2004. He has a lot of religious tattoos on his body and this is just one of them.

This Chinese tattoo translates to “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and hour depend upon heaven.”

The phrase “let them hate as long as they fear” sits on the bottom of an angel tattoo. Another phrase “pray for me” is right by his wrist.