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Top 5 Benefits of Free Live Forex Charts

A Forex chart is a graphical illustration that shows historical foreign currency exchange where the x-axis is the exact time and the y-axis is the value of the currency that is being paired. Through free live Forex charts, the patterns and abnormality of the foreign currency are clearly portrayed. Hence, traders can make a right decision with regards to the future performance of the exchange rate.

Free Live Forex Charts

Before you understand forex charts, you need the help of a forex broker. A forex broker is a company that advises the trader about the recent condition of a trading market and the conversion rates. In addition, they provide traders trading platforms and brokerage services that they can use in predicting the movement of the currency.

Benefits of Using Forex Charts

There are numerous benefits that you can get if you use a forex chart.

  1. Message Trade Alert. When you open a trading account, you will get instant access to the account. Thus, you will get SMS alert with regards to what is happening to the currency exchange. Once you receive a message, you can contact your provider and ask them to trade in the market on your behalf. Otherwise, you can enter your prediction on your own through the use of trading platforms.
  2. Economic Calendar. Through this benefit, traders will be updated with what is happening in the global economy. Furthermore, it will help you to make guesses whether the currency rate will go up or go down.
  3. Live Forex Streaming Charts are another benefit of Forex graphic representation. Trade ideas are sometimes hard especially if the market is unpredictable. As a result, you tend to forget other important areas since you are so dedicated to one certain area. In order for you to make a right decision, you need to watch the video blogs that provide details about the market. Through this benefit, you will know other areas that provide trading opportunities.
  4. Education.This the best benefit for beginners. Through online training and other tools, live Forex charts will provide everything that you need to know about trading. In addition, they will also teach you on how making a right prediction so that you can do it on your own in the near future. Anticipating the probable movement of currencies is your best in succeeding in Forex trading.
  5. Trading Webinars. Traders are encouraged to participate in the open forums to talk about what is happening in the market with your fellow traders. In this way, not only you will get additional info about the market, but you can also interact and add insights to help other traders to make a correct prediction. This will also keep you updated on the latest Forex trading schemes.

Live Forex charts are the best tools that you can use in predicting daily trading market. Without these charts, you won’t be able to make a right prediction if the currency will go up or down. So if you want to be successful in this field, use free live Forex charts now. 

Top 7 Direct Stock Purchase Companies List You Can Invest In

Are you planning to purchase a direct stock plan? Without going through a broker, new investors can purchase direct stock purchase plans or dspp stocks straight from the direct stock purchase companies list we have compiled.

Purchasing a stock means you are directly investing in a company by buying partial ownership. In this case, picking the right company for your money is important in order to get a sure return of investment.

Below are the top direct stock purchase companies list you can invest with your direct stock plan:


direct stock purchase companies list

Posting $13 billion in net profits last quarter, Apple is considered the most profitable and admired company in the world. In the fourth quarter of 2012, the iPhone 5 was declared the best selling Smartphone, followed by its very own iPhone 4S. Currently,  Apple products continue to improve its already lucrative line of devices.


direct stock purchase companies list

With its main headquarters located in Mountain View, CA, this company is regarded as the best place for employees, as it ranked 1st in LinkedIn’s Most In Demand Employers. In year 2013,  Google is also hailed as Best Companies to Work For lists by Fortune.  So far, it’s Android OS and Google Play are expected to surpass Apple’s iOS and Apple App Store, aside from its multibillion-dollar moneymaking search engine and display ads.


direct stock purchase companies list

Ranked 3rd in the World’s Most Admired Companies and 2nd in the Internet Services and Retailing, Amazon.com is an American international electronic commercial company with its main office located in Seattle, Washington, United States. The company is the largest recipient of the booming of the e-commerce industry, because of its web services and Kindle department.


direct stock purchase companies list

Another American multinational corporation and manufacturer, retailer and marketer headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the Coca-Cola Company offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries all over the world serves over 1.7 billion servings each single day.


direct stock purchase companies list

Starbucks, another American company to place your direct stock plan, is a global coffee and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington. With 20,891 stores in 62 countries, Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse corporation in the world.


direct stock purchase companies list

The International Business Machines Corporation is an American corporation based in Armonk, New Year, specializing in technology and consulting. In 2012, Fortune Magazine, a New York based business and financial news journal, ranked IBM as the second largest U.S. firm in terms of number of employees which counts to 435,000 worldwide, ranked fourth in terms of market capitalization, ranked ninth in most profitable and ranked 19th largest firm in terms of revenue.

Southwest Airlines

direct stock purchase companies list

Southwest, a major US airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has a net income of 26% last year. The airline gained massive popularity because of its low-cost air fees and customer niceties like “free re-booking” and “bags fly free policy.”

Nowadays, it’s a no secret that big companies encourage small-time investors like you to buy their stock by offering such investments as dspp stock. Well, who knows what this smart direct stock plan can do to transform your future?  Now that you see that it is not that difficult to begin a plan, purchase now and railroad your success to the fullest!

With this direct stock companies list, did we miss out on any good company you can invest in?


Understanding Forex Stock Trading

Thinking about doing Forex Stock trading? Why not. Day traders are known to make a handsome income off of their earnings. But there are also those who lost a lot of money because of poor trading strategies. If you’re serious about trading then you should definitely fast-track your education on these financial instruments.

Forex Stock Trading

Forex Trading vs. Stock Trading

Your first lesson is how to differentiate between Forex and Stocks. To make it simple to understand, Forex means Foreign Exchange and has to do with trading currencies. Stocks, on the other hand, are shares of ownerships of publicly traded companies. By trading stocks, you are buying or selling these shares from the market.  Both are bought and sold in markets, where it’s easier for both buyers and sellers to converge. Right now, it’s easier to do trades because of the proliferation of Forex and Stock trading software.

How To Earn from Trading

The concept is simple enough: buy low, sell high. This mantra holds true for both Forex and Stock trading. As a trader, your goal is to look for and buy currencies or stocks that are selling cheap but have a positive growth. You hold on to these currencies or stocks for a while and let their prices swell. Once you sell these off, then you’d have already made profit.

In Stock trading, you can also earn through profit sharing. If the company you own stocks with made a profit for the year, you get an amount equal to your share’s percentage to the company’s total market capitalization.

For a trader to make good money off both markets, he has to do a lot of analysis of the market trends. Market activities are very changeable day by day, but these activities tend to normalize in the long run. Wise traders look for the trends in the short term and analyze the long term activities to come up with the decision to buy or sell.

Why Forex and Stock Prices Change

The market is fueled heavily by the news and speculation, which affect supply and demand. Like with stocks, people’s perception about a company can markedly increase or decrease its stock prices. Therefore, the Forex and Stock Exchange are very volatile markets. The market is very changeable that traders come up with strategies for their trades based on rumors and news. Even today, there’s no scientific approach in predicting market outcomes. The best thing a trader can do is to study and analyze the trends.

Forex Stock Trading as a Career

If you have the knack for analysis and nerves of steel then a career as a trader could be for you. Take note though that this job is not for risk-averse individuals. Making it big as a trader of Forex and Stocks takes a lot of will and smarts. You have to have self-discipline to control your urges and you have to be open to mistakes (you will mistake along the way). The most important thing in trading is to learn from those mistakes and to have enough capitalization. And a little bit of luck is also needed to bring you to the top.

Things To Avoid When You Start Investing In Stocks

start investing in stocks

Now that you’ve decided to invest in stocks after going through the weighing of all the pros and cons, there are some things to avoid when you start investing in stocks.

As you well know by now, investing in the stock market is a high risk-investment. It is sometimes considered as a form of speculative investment because of the possibility that you might lose part or the whole of your investment because of  false move and poor decision making – not to mention your lack of research tools and realistic market analysis.

Here are some of the things to avoid when you start investing in stocks:

1. Not Knowing Thyself: Know Your Investing Plans and Goals

Why do you need to invest your hard earned money in the first place? Are you after peace of mind, financial security and a comfortable retirement? Or you simply want toinvest and see how your money will grow?

You must know that there are two types of investment in terms of risk: low risk and high risk investment.  Investing in the stock market is a high risk investment. You must also consider the time element whether you want to invest in stocks for a short or long term period.

If you are really inclined to start investing in stock you must see the big pictures. Needless to say, one cannot afford to have a myopic view of the matters.

2. Lack of Knowledge about Stocks and the Stock Market

Knowledge is power and information is also power in the Cyber Age. Always remember that investing in stock as a form of investment is not for everyone.As a matter of fact out of 100% investors only 4% becomes successful in their stock investment. From these basic facts, you will have a rough idea that investing in stocks is not that easy as it seems to be.

The stock market is a combination of theory and practice – both always go hand in hand. Reading all the books on stocks and investment is good but without putting into all your book learning into practice will be futile in the real world.

3. Borrowing Money to Invest In Stock

This is a sure way to financial ruin and disaster. Can you imagine paying a loan with interest when you are not yet earning from your stock investment?  You have two conflicting variables here: duty to pay your debt on the one hand and the expectation to earn a profit from your stock investment on the other hand.

Whether you earn or not, for sure you’re obligated to pay your loan.

Common sense dictates that the source of any of your investment must come from your savings for that matter. Some people don’t realize that investing in stock with borrowed money is just like starting a business with the wrong foot.

Stock market high risks that it is must not be coupled with the concern of re- paying your loan.

start investing in stocks

4. Scarcity of Your Resources

Assuming that you have enough money to invest in stocks — another thing to consider is how much are you willing to invest in stocks? Can you afford to lose your investment in stocks in view of the high risk factor and the speculative nature of stocks and the stock market?

Although stock investment has a speculative element it is not gambling.  It is not at all about winning or losing all the times.

There is no such thing as an unlimited supply of your money when it comes to investing your money in stock. You need to set the financial limits of your investment in stocks. Indeed you cannot afford to place all your savings in stocks for this will be unwise and unsound in case of sudden misfortune in the stock market.

4. Not Tempering Human Greed

Who does not want a get-rich-quick-scheme? Some people want to have a quick and high return or yield for their stock investment in the shortest possible time.

However, this is not the way how things work in the stock market world. Good things come to those who wait. Some things don’t change in stocks and in the stock market – it is only the player that changes. The proven rules in stock trading will always be true: Buy when the value of stocks is low and sell when the value of stocks is high.

5. End Game

Some newbies in the stock trading have no acumen and foresight yet as to the end game of stock trading. What’s your end game plan? Just like in chess, it is not sufficient to know your opening move when you start investing in stocks – much less, your middle and end game plan in stock trading.

After all it is always your end game stock investment plan that will matter at the end of the day. Be a wise investor and start investing in stocks wisely. Make your best move.

Warning: Stay Away From Forex Bots Scam

forex bots

Robots are taking over the financial world. We’re not talking about cyborgs and androids ala Terminator; we’re referring to Forex bots. But hold those thoughts of the Jetson’s Rosie or R2D2. These Forex growth bots are computer programs with a highly sophisticated algorithm to figure out trade options. A user just needs to activate the program and let it do all the trading decisions. This trading strategy has its pros, but it also has numerous cons. Let’s learn about them below:

How Forex Bots can Help

The great thing about having a robot do your currency trading is that all you need to do is activate it. You let the bot do all the mathematical calculations to come up with the best trading options. You can then just leave it to do all the dirty work while you get on with your life. The Forex bot offers Forex traders convenience and ease of access. You just have to check how your bot is doing from time to time.

How Forex Bots can Fail You

Here’s the rub: robots still can’t replace humans. These automatons can’t think for themselves. Yes, they can come up with really sophisticated calculations which can lead to better trades. But these bots can’t assess risks. The Forex market is very volatile and currencies can change rates in a heartbeat. The news is especially important in the Foreign Exchange market in that they can affect currencies when they hit. Bots can’t trade news and therefore can’t get out of bad trades (when they happen). Human intervention is definitely needed in order to get out of losing trades.

Forex Bots

How Forex Bots can Screw You

The worst that can happen is when you fall for a Forex bot scam. There are purveyors of the bots that claim to be close to 100% accurate. These scammers trick new investors into thinking that a software or program can do all the hard work for them. It’s either that these bots don’t live up to their potential or they just don’t work at all. What’s worse, Forex bots are being sold at very high prices, often fetching prices up to $5,000.

Avoid these Scams at All Cost

The easiest way to avoid these scams is to never invest in a Forex bot in the first place. Doing everything manually is still the way to go. Software can be helpful but never trust in one that claims to be close to perfect at predicting the next big score. You should be the one making the decisions and not your computer. Rather than investing in a bot, your money is better spent usingit as part of your Forex trading budget.

Now you know all about Forex bots. Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages, and try and stay away from them – they’re not worth your time. If ever you’re considering getting one, make sure you do a lot of research before executing the purchase. Forex trading takes a lot of risk analysis and fast thinking – two things a computer just can’t do better than humans.

SOS: I Need Help With My Finances

People don’t usually admit to financial troubles easily. But when you find yourself saying ‘I need help with my finances’, then maybe you’re in a deeper rut than most people. Getting back to financial stability is a daunting task, but one that is very doable. Below, we’re listing down some helpful tips on how to manage money better.

The sad thing these days is that a lot of people are racking up debt because they were not educated properly about money. Schools teach math and accounting, but few teach their students how to manage their money. In truth, most people who are in debt just didn’t take the time to learn about money management. We’re talking not only about the knowledge of what money can do, but also the skill on how to use it to your advantage.

i need help with my finances

Without further ado, below is our financial advice for people finding themselves burdened with a lot of debt:

  1. Analyze Your Expenses and Spending Habits—you need to do an assessment on where you currently are financially. List down all your sources of income and come up with the amount you get for each income source. Then list down all your expenses. Deduct income from expenses and you get your net earnings after expenses (commonly called as savings).
  2. Make an Inventory of Your Assets—know which assets you have and how much they’re worth. Aside from knowing how much is in your bank account, make an inventory of everything you own. Include assets like your car, jewelry or house. The purpose of knowing your assets’ worth is that you can sell these off for money in the future.
  3. Only Use your Credit Card when you can make the Monthly Payments—in other words, don’t use your credit card to overspend. If you can’t make your payments on time, card companies will charge you with penalty fees and interest rates. These fees and interest can accumulate overtime and can balloon your debt even more.
  4. Do your Taxes Well—you can actually save a lot of money if you take advantage of tax breaks that are offeredto private employees. If you can’t do it yourself, ask an accountant to help you with your tax declarations. They can give you advice on how you can pay less tax.
  5. Pay Yourself First—this means you set aside a specific amount of money for specific expenses before you blow off your hard-earned cash buying unnecessary things. This takes some discipline to do, but this move will pay off (your debts) in the long run. By paying yourself first, you train yourself not to overspend.
  6. Cut Back—After doing your spending habit analysis and asset inventory, the next important step is to find the expenses or costs you can cut back on. Run through your expense list and you’re sure to find items you can live without, so cut back on those. Don’t worry if the amount you save is not that big. Every penny counts and can translate to a bigger amount in the long run.
  7. Find New Income Streams—don’t bank on getting a raise at work; find another way to earn without jeopardizing your current job. You can perhaps start a small business on the side, or you can do a part-time job on weekends. When you can afford it, consider getting insurance or put surplus money in low-risk investments like mutual funds. These investments will pay you off handsomely in the future.
  8. Find a Solid Support Network—managing your finances is not easy and can cause a lot of stress. A lot of people have been known to break down because of financial problems. Get a solid support group—one that has your back when your chips are down. Consider family and friends to be part of this network. And it’s advisable to consult with a financial expert. They can give you tips on how to better manage your money.

We hope you gained some insight by reading this article. Financial freedom is not impossible to achieve as long as you educate yourself on how to manage money properly. All it takes is an open mind for learning, a strong will to resist the temptation to spend, and a healthy dose of self-discipline to always pay yourself first.

Admitting that “I need help with my finances” is a good start for each person to work towards a better financial situation.